Fraser's Hill Clock Tower

To escape sweltering heat and the hustle and bustle of the city life, quite a number of people head up to Fraser's Hill. Standing 1500m above sea level amidst the lush greenery of forest, Fraser's Hill is named after a Scotsman, Louis James Fraser, who came to Raub in search of gold, but ended up opening and running a tin mine on this hill instead, this mining post has turned into one of the most charming and idyllic resorts in the country.

Here visitors get to go back to the nature - taking relaxing walks in the verdant green forests, bathing themselves in the cool refreshing air and immersing themselves in the sweet fragrances of exotic tropical flowers. To top it off, tourists - both local and foreign, can tee off in a golf course high amidst the clouds. Fraser's Hill is a premier destination for local and international birdwatchers. There are over 250 species of birds that fly here, some of them migrant birds from country as far as Siberia..

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