VnetHomes are Vacation Homes for rent under the agency of Vnet Resources. There are various types of VnetHomes, including bungalows, terraces and condominiums, situated in Port Dickson (PD), as well as in Ipoh and Malacca.

Ipoh VH 3117

Malacca VH 7171

PD VH 7051

PD VH 7052

PD VH 7053

PD VH 7091

PD VH 7105

PD VH 7113

PD VH 7115

PD VH 7116

PD VH 7118

PD VH 7125

PD VH 7126

PD VH 7129

PD VH 7131

PD VH 7134

PD VH 7135

PD VH 7136

PD Blue Lagoon Vacation Homes

PD Seri Bulan Vacation Homes